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Friday Funny – Who Walks into a Bar?


A set of jumper cables walk into a bar.

Bartender says: “Hey pal, get out of here. We don’t serve your kind!”

The jumper cables plead: “Look, I’m here and I’m thirsty. I’ve got money, and I want a drink. Please let me stay.”

Bartender says: “Ok, you can stay, but don’t try to start anything!”

Your Car Battery – What’s Inside and How It Works


What you can’t see

Automotive batteries come in many shapes and sizes, but their operating principles are remarkably similar. The modern automotive battery is a lead-acid storage design. In short, it’s an electrochemical device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. When the battery is placed under a load, such as when the ignition is switched on, the device converts stored chemicals into electricity, and the current flows through the wires to its destination. read more…

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